Welcome to self help, enlightenment, answers for living a happy whole life.

The purpose of life is to live.

Life is not a complicated endeavor

You are breathing air and your heart is beating. You are here. That is enough. ~ You are a product of another human being. Born, you are alive. ~ Love is the answer.  All humans take care of their young - this is the first circle of love; Mother and child, Father and child. Dare to widen the circle(s)

Faith is Trust and Hope combined.

Never put your hope in people, places, and things, you cannot trust and never trust in things you cannot prove. Beliefs are something else.../Support your life ~ Eat well. Sleep well, Be still once a day. Be active once a day.


It is too ; big/wide/huge/complicated/long/ to be relevant for your life. One cannot explain, or speak for, or understand the God/Allah. Religion is a dangerous hobby. All we have is each other. Aliens and other fascinating topics, are great for fantasies and stories for entertainment but make sure you feed yourself, and take care of your family first.